Guaranteed Freight

When you need to know your shipment will arrive on time and before 3pm then DOSS GUARANTEED service is the answer to your problem.

DOSS GUARANTEED service Guarantees that your shipment will arrive on the standard service date no latter then 3:00 PM.

DOSS GUARANTEED is offered Monday thru Friday. Excluding observed holidays throughout California and Arizona & Nevada.

The shipping process is simple just check the shaded DOSS GUARANTEED box on your Bill of Lading and you can rest assured your shipment will deliver by 3:00 PM on the regularly scheduled service date.

Your cost is only 25% above your regular freight charges and in the unlikely event your shipment doesn’t service on time then the 25% charge is waived and an additional 25% is deducted from your freight bill.

Need new bills of lading with the DOSS GUARANTEED box preprinted? Then call 800-654-7200 or go to Forms section now.

If you have any questions please call 800-654-7200 or click here to have us contact you.